Cambridge ESOL

        Cambridge ranked world's No.1 university

A new report issued this week ranking Cambridge as the world's top university, has been welcomed by language experts at University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL).
The report which puts Cambridge University in the top spot was compiled by QS and has already received widespread coverage in the world's media. It was based on research quality, graduate employability, teaching and how international the faculties and student bodies are.

Cambridge ESOL

Cambridge University, which recently celebrated its 800th anniversary, is known throughout the world for the quality of its research and teaching, and for its contribution to education globally through its publishing and assessment departments. Dr Mike Milanovic, Chief Executive of Cambridge ESOL said:

“As a department of Cambridge University, we have a commitment not just to language assessment and learning, but to education as a whole and this report is very good news. It further reflects our uncompromising commitment to offer language assessment and learning tools around the world with an emphasis on quality, accuracy and fitness for purpose.”

Cambridge ESOL

Every year, more than three million people in 130 countries take Cambridge English language exams run by the University's English language exams department, Cambridge ESOL and the range of tests is recognised by over 11,000 universities, employers and government departments. As Dr Mike Milanovic explains:

“We work closely with individuals, governments, schools and universities across the world to ensure that learners can really use English effectively.”

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